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Pretty much the only knowledgeable person in the very niche legal field.

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I was answering the question in the OP that if they chose to, the company could afford to pay more and still make a lot of money, that's it! Please elaborate on what you mean when you talk about a cooperatively owned enterprise.Jesus christ everyone on this board is so quick to act like they're some fucking 60 year old boomer. With some businesses, risk isn't a worry for the heads of the business. I mean, businesses owned and started by multiple people are things that already exists.The heads of those businesses know that they will be rewarded for reckless risk-taking and that they'll probably get government aid if their recklessness catches up to them. Either friends or family, you see it all the time with local businesses like restaurants or plumbing companies, or with something larger like a law firm.If you do work for a business as a skilled serviceman, there will usually be some sort of benefit (ie the business provides the tools for repairing the pipes, wires, etc.) That implies the employer adds no value to the product.The employer provides the venue for the worker to work, manages the venue, secures distribution, and makes management decisions to ensure distribution.All the work one cares to add will not turn a mud pie into an apple tart; it remains a mud pie, value zero.

By corollary, unskillful work can easily subtract value; an untalented cook can turn wholesome dough and fresh green apples, valuable already, into an inedible mess, value zero.

Then when some snot nosed kid fills out a job resume you can explain to him why he doesn't get a percentage of the $25 million your company is making.

I see this meme on here a lot but it's wrong every single time it's posted.

It's about thinking waht to produce, where and how, look at how to sell it, and other decision making like when to expand or upgrade the technology. The worker is a tool and the value of his contribution is the time and energy he puts into his specific task as part of the overall manufacturing plan.

You applied for a job, you do a job and get a guaranteed wage.

Prove me wrong - protip: you can't I spoke with a business organization attorney and professor a week ago specifically about this.