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Political power had passed from one hand to another from time to time.

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The British deposed him and installed Mir Qasim in his place.On the outcome of Britain’s work in Bengal (and India) Nehru wrote in 1944: “A significant fact which stands out is that those parts of India which have been longest under British rule are the poorest today. It moved down to Calcutta and made the then swampy place its base in 1690.The Company's luck smiled when, in 1717, it obtained from the disintegrating Moghul Court in Delhi a firman exempting its incoming and outgoing merchandise from customs in consideration of a lump sum payment of Rs. A dastak or pass from the Company was all that was necessary to take the goods across to Hs without inspection.RANAjrr ROY THE AGONY OF WEST BENGAL A Study in Union-State Relations Third Edition ecame frequent after the British established their supremacy, vere unknown.The efficiency of Bengal's industries and the ikill of her craftsmen were acknowledged in every country she lad trade connections with.No other people have suffered spoliation as thoroughly as the Bengalis have under the British.

There had been ups and downs in the fortunes of Bengal in ages gone by.

Mir Qasim turned hostile and made a determin- ed bid to stop the malpractice.

Failing, he abolished all duties and put all traders— Indian, British and others— on par.

Foreign trade, on whict Bengal's prosperity depended to a considerable extent, did noi have a smooth and increasing flow all the time.

With the riw of the Arabs as a world power centuries ago, Bengali ant foreign traders found it hazardous to negotiate the high sea and, for a time, trade declined. Portugues and Arakanese pirates came on the scene for some decades.

And even at a much later period, when merchant adventurers from the West made their first appearance in India, the industrial development of the country was at any rate not inferior to that of the more advanced European nations.'' What was said about India as a whole applied with great validity to Bengal.