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It gives a unique glimpse of the unfamiliar world for both sides.How did the Nazis poison the bustling life of the city? Life in a Divided City’, Piet de Moor goes in search of the soul of the mythical metropolis, a city that suffered like no other during the violent history of the 20th century.

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But is restlessness really a problem or one of our primary motivations?We usually think of violence in black and white terms: it is good or bad.Philosophers are expected to provide arguments in support of that perspective.With the inquisitive gaze that characterises all his works, Stefan Brijs takes a first look at the riches of his new home port.El Bachiri transforms the pain he suffered into a message of love and humanity, in which he appeals to western Muslims for a more humanist approach to Islam.Using new sources, he casts a fresh glance over the life and work of Chaplin.

At the same time, ‘The Age of Charlie Chaplin’ is a phenomenal cultural history of a turbulent period that defines our worldview to this very day.

Then is it not allowed to bend the truth a little once in a while? Authority on Cohen Francis Mus portrays the real Cohen and his recurring demons.

He searched for and found ‘Cohen pieces’ that never have been written about.

In this well-documented narrative account, with reference to personal experiences, religious traditions, Western literature and philosophy, cultural, technological and scientific developments, Jan Verplaetse looks for answers to the question of why blood fascinates us, yet instils revulsion in us at the same time.

Anyone who thinks restlessness is a phenomenon specific to our own times is mistaken.

Of all the art of the Flemish School, the work of Pieter Bruegel (1525? His familiar and much loved paintings turned him into a folkloric icon, even if that does not entirely square with his life story.