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The answer is to make your own activities like find a yoga class, running errands on your own, get a hobby.Establish a one day a week outing with a friend or two, volunteer ( here is a great article in on this in Florence), learn how to drive and trust me, it makes such a huge difference.

I have days when that’s all I feel like doing after work or a week filled with several uber-fun trips to the Looking for a new store opening, local book-club, knit-caffe, language exchange groups, is just a few ways to meet people.I have seen friends become a little being that I happen to be from a place that everyone has an opinion about, Texas, on how hard it is not to take things to heart when people make strong assumptions about where you’re from without ever having been there.You just have to be able to take what people say with a grain of salt and remember that a successful discourse involves getting your point across without making an enemy. Yes it changed my life in the sense I was able to crack jokes, be understood, and have real discussions beyond “where are you from” thus feeling much more connected to my local community.It’s easy to get quickly close with people in a way that you probably wouldn’t back home and it’s worth remembering that just because you share a common language doesn’t mean you were meant to be “besties”. Heck no, you need them but just try to mix it up with people who are local as well.ask questions, don’t feel pressured to be friends just because they/or you don’t know anyone else. Try and make a few local friends even if its seems impossible, attending local language exchanged or volunteering helps!The word expat actually kind of annoys me because for some reason I have thought it to sound a bit to another country.

Sometimes when I think of the idea of what is actually an expat I imagine a group of English ladies sipping tea in the shade of their huge Tuscan villa, not exactly the same reality as me in a small apartment working as a freelancer.

Because it happens to be a city full of American students , expats, and foreigners, a common misconception is that if you fall under one of those categories, since you are so close to your counterparts.

Sometimes I think us english-speakers would have a more meaningful time, and speak more Italian if we were in a smaller town surrounded by only Italian speakers etc.

I believe in life you must have balance, and that pretty much applies to everything and everyone.

While it’s super-easy to make friends with others in a similar situation (obviously I have) you have to be careful or else you may find yourself burned in the future.

I think it’s quite easy when talking to someone from another culture to become stereotyped/and or stereotype others while being overly sensitive about where you’re from.