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"Revenue regularly posts warning messages on our website to alert customers, when we become aware of phishing scams or fraudulent emails purporting to come from Revenue (an example of which can be seen here).

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The government enacted new laws that expanded both the state’s power to block websites and the surveillance capability of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT)."We also see very sophisticated fronts of social media sites or payment sites, they look very realistic but if people were educated about this they know." Revenue has also urged people to be vigilant about phishing scams.A Spokeswoman told As you will know, phishing emails, claiming to come from banks, credit card companies, government departments, etc., and seeking personal information and/or credit card details, are not uncommon.President Tayyip Erdoğan has arrested hundreds of journalists, closed or taken over dozens of media outlets, and prevented journalists and their families from traveling.By some accounts, Turkey currently accounts for one-third of all journalists imprisoned around the world.When the Democratic Party under Adnan Menderes came to power in 1950, censorship entered a new phase.

The Press Law changed, sentences and fines were increased.

Donal, who owns Cyber Security Ireland, continued to say that people may not even know that their information has gotten into the wrong hands as businesses may try to cover it up.

He said: "Phishing scams are random attacks looking for files, passwords, credit card details.

"The big problem is that people aren't educated about cyber security but a lot of companies don't seem to want to know about cyber security or educating their employees because they don't want to have to spend that money.

"Gangs know Ireland is very vulnerable, we're not updating our software or putting proper security measures in place so it's easy to attack.

"Pages on our website request personal information, are encrypted.