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Dimitrov vs federer online dating

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And, for some reason, I would like to get very, very nasty (the hell with proper etiquette) with Juan Monaco (do not ask! In the game where Fed served for the match, Djokovic also mocked the crowd and Fed by repeatedly striking his frame to ridicule the crowd cheering a great shot by Fed (Yes, Fed did frame a shot earlier in the rally.)"r21 - Wasn't that Hingis who called Mauresmo "half a man?" Davenport is no delicate flower herself.r23 - I didn't know that about Mauresmo needing extra security. I wouldn't have thought she'd be well known enough in the States to attract the attention of the crazies.

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Nadal has a very pretty one, thick and perfectly long. Berdych (many years of Bel Ami DVD watching), a long, uncut, delicious piece of meat.... Murray seems like he is packing a big piece, probably Tsonga also.... Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are pretty horrible about it, and Nole does nothing at that level. Then, with Federer still standing ready to serve, Djokovic strolled slowly back to the far, back corner to towel off.""Djokovic did his usual stalling route throughout the match dribbling the ball over 14 times per serve -- and then slowing down more on pressure points.One of the big rules is that you must play at the server's pace.You don't stall by walking around, toweling off, and trying to pump up the crowd while the server is waiting (especially that long).Nice work.[quote] Wasn't that Hingis who called Mauresmo "half a man? Yep, it was Hingis who called poor Amelie "half a man". They are hugging and kissing each other all the time. Jelena Jankovic said several years ago that playing Sam Stosur was like playing a man.Davenport was also a catty bitch saying stuff like how she felt like she'd been playing against a man. There is a limit."Martina was nasty and had no filter. That's because of the large amount of topspin and her kick serve, which most women are incapable of hitting--you need that much strength.They are so politically correct nowadays, back then everyone had an opinion and wasn't afraid to speak out.

Does anyone remember the feud between David Wheaton and Brad Gilbert or Richard Krajicek,calling the female players "fat pigs"?

Now that her singles career is rocking, she just chooses to not publicly address the issue (ala so many other public figures - A. So in my book, he deserves a different level of disdain - since I do think he is gay.

Tommy Robredo I also feel likely is, but I've never seen any confirmation except for people on this board saying they know it's true.

Was he really concerned at all about the guy he'd just hurt?

Oh, and Melanie (who I don't give a rip about, but someone that posts here sure does) had a great win over Jankovic to take the championship.

One differentiation between the Stosur and Gasquet situations.