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See more » Leaving On The 5th Written by David Dennis, Anthony Aguiar, Kurt Allen and Philip Michael Munsey Performed by Voxhaul Broadcast Courtesy of XOXO Management By arrangement with Zync Music Group LLC See more » What happens when the love of your life forgets you completely and you need to remind the moments you have shared with the person.Vow, based on a true story, was decent rom-com which had some fine moments to sustain you through the entire film coupled by good performances and good storyline.

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Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly be right for one another..could they?You want to watch TV at anytime, anywhere, but can not carry the TV with me, want to see the blockbuster movie on your phone, but afraid DATA rates?You just ignore one beautiful goal directly on TV 5 minutes ago that wanted to see again soon ???The Unit, the cover name for the most elite 1st SFOD-D unit popularly known as "Delta Force", the Army's best of the best, primarily recruits from Army Special Forces Groups ("Green Berets") and the 75th Ranger Regiment (Army Rangers).In The Unit, Jonas Blane, Hector Williams, and Charles Grey all served as both Rangers and Green Berets prior to their service in The Unit.Mack Gerhardt served as a Ranger and in the airborne infantry prior to being in The Unit.

Bob Brown is the only Unit member to have never served in the Rangers.

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Leo wants to bring her home with him but her parents want her to go with them.

She goes with Leo but when she doesn't recognize anything, she goes to her parents.

The Carpenters liked the movie but were disappointed by its omission of their faith in Christianity which was an important factor in their resilience.