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He moves with his daughter to small-town Louisiana, where he butts heads with a crime faction including a former biker chick (Winona Ryder) and the local crime leader, Gator (James Franco).

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Looking at it within the paradigm of the classic Western, Gator is the guy with the black hat on.Lest we forget, Gator was the name of Will Ferrell's pimp alter-ego in The Other Guys.Whether Franco will choose to strut around speaking in a bizarre 70s gangsta stylee and referring to himself in the third person remains to be seen. Statham, meanwhile, has got these roles down by now, but with Hummingbird and Parker looking to rather tweak the Stath formula, maybe this looked like a safe retreat to reassure the fanbase (i.e. The project's coming together under the Millennium Films banner, naturally, and it'll be directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead).However, he finds anything but quiet there, for the town is riddled with drugs and violence.When Gator Bodine (James Franco), a sociopathic druglord, puts the newcomer and his young daughter in harm's way, Broker is forced back into action to save her and their home. Fleder said other actresses to whom he spoke steered clear of this unglamorous but meaty role."I told (Bosworth), 'You're not going to have makeup, you're not going to have your hair done.

You're going to have clothing from Sears," says Fleder.

"I cannot think of a better group to put this film on the big screen." Shooting starts in New Orleans in September.

In the action-thriller Homefront, Jason Statham plays former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Phil Broker who is trying to leave his violent life behind him.

The action movie will see Statham as ex-DEA agent Broker attempting, as is often the way of these things, to leave a violent past behind and settle somewhere quiet.

Said somewhere, however, can unfortunately boast a meth-pushing ganglord called Gator, which is Franco's role.

Stallone had plans to star and direct, but passed it on to Statham when they were working together on 2012's Expendables 2.