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Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing delphi

Create a new kind of tablespace of type unrecoverable and stick segments you don't care about here. Also, more stable Intelligent Agents would be nice. ASM on raw devices may make this moot, but not on 9i R2.

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We have that ability in the database, sqlplus doesn't "do it" 2) it does - when matched, when not matched.I understand this is being addressed in Data Vault. PL/SQL compilation where the decision to make the dependent objects such as triggers, functions, etc invalid due to table alters are controlled by DBA.When a table column data type is modified, the dependednt objects are immediately modified; however, sometimes the changes to the table do not alter the contents of the object and it need not be invalidated. When I should be able to do a mass update but ask Oracle to commit at a certain frequency only.You say "don't go components" but then say "we need interface to components"?(frankly, I don't know what the CDM SDK is..) Oh, I could go on forever. SQL*Plus with a built-in tabular format output; useful for rows that span across many lines. An unloader utility that reads at the block level and dumps data as plaintext ASCII much faster than the SQ*Plus or Pro*C programs can do. I miss the SQL*Forms 3.0 (if anyone is old enough to remember that)which allowed me to do quick and dirty data entry screens for dat manipulations. Separation of roles where DBA can see the data files, dictionary, etc., but not the actual data.Hi Tom, I was wondering if there are some thing you don't like about Oracle?

I personally wish more things came setup, out of the box such as autotrace, intermedia text, scott schema etc. -Alex Well, Oracle text does (dba just needed to have selected it). Actually, many of those things I would change are being addressed - a better sqlplus that is still sqlplus (coming, code name "raptor", previewed at OOW)... Most of the things I would change are "political", the DBA/Developer relationship (or lack thereof).

We do not use the insert/update/delete controls in a control row for editing the rows.

We basically allow the user to edit the fields at will and do not finally update the backing object until the "save" button is pressed.

The current move away from PL/SQL and transactional interfaces to many components needs to be reversed.

For example, there is no way to make use of CDM SDK direct from PL/SQL while maintaining transaction atomicity, etc.

One new note: I have noticed that the totalsummary DOES update when we delete a row.