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(Swearing and dark moments will be included)(AN) Hello everyone!

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The third camera pops up from underground, knocking over a toilet paper.The fourth camera appeared from a tree hole, knocking out a brush and a soap and show out bubbles.Then a clapperboard clamped down, and the camera started moving through Camp Wawanakwa.The thirteen new contestants went home after Cameron was claimed as the winner of the fourth season; the same season where none of the twenty five original contestants were able to compete because Chris claimed that they had 'outlived their usefulness'. The last time we'd seen Chris; he was arrested for dumping toxic waste on Camp Wawanakwa, endangered the contestants with mutant animals and having Dakota become a mutant herself after sending her inside a radioactive abandoned mine.Chef is seen holding an envelope while walking down a dark prison's hallway with a prison guard.He can see paper airplanes, books, clothes and a teddy bear on fire were either flying across the hallway or fall to the floor. Instead; he's wearing an orange jumpsuit just like all the prisoners. "The 'contestants' he was talking about are actually a beetle and a cockroaches.

He also see the same killer that'd appeared back in season one where he was about to killed Gwen until she kicked him in the jaw several time and he leaved. His cell is different than the other as he got two picture of Camp Wawanakwa, a bobble head of himself and Chef, curtain and a picture of a Gilded Chris Award. He keeps watching them until a shadow of a similar shape overcast them.

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Rex learns that a woman called Black Knight became the head of Providence after White Knight went ..."Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Animation" data-quality="HD" data-img="

" Chris asked, raising a brow as he look at the envelope he's holding."Your contract," Chef replied.

"The producers has green-lit another season of Total Drama."Chris opened the envelope and then look at the contract he'd been given."So, you're in for old time's sake, Chris? After reading through his contract and remembering his time as the host for four seasons, he looked at Chef and turned his mouth into a grin."It is Theme Song: I Wanna Be Famous The song started with two cameras appeared randomly.

Chris Mc Lean and Chef Hatchet return for Total Drama's fifth season!