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Telugu sec chat

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And then the peg, the essence of a news piece, which will stay with the reader, is a matter of reporting integrity where you sensationalize less and present more of factual information without distorting the story thread.

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However, in case the reader wants to read further, there is the option of going to the original site for exploring the news in greater detail.We would like to inform our users that way2sms has not conducted any such lucky draw and if they receive a phone call such as one mentioned above, they must know that it is a fraud.Nor are we as a company doling out free talk time to any users.But do we give it as plain facts or temper it a bit to make it lose the sensationalism? Well yes indeed, short news is anything but a small job.Sifting through hundreds of news stories to write those 100 which will interest our reader, is not child s play. The theory of a longer route being the righter route is no longer valid in the age of the internet.

Fast paced lives, technology and gadgets have turned instant gratification into an imperative and not a luxury that it was once considered to be.

When the same number from which the call came is contacted again, it seems that there is no right person to take that call.

We have received mails from various areas across the country, so this is not a region-specific fraud.

Way2 will offer short news bytes in Hindi, Marathi, Malyalam, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada, as also in English.

Way2 editors scour multiple news sources, local dailies, TV news channels, websites and blogs, RSS feeds, magazines and summarize each news story in just 400 characters.

Just to give you an idea of how these tricksters operate. The caller identifies himself by falsely stating that he is from way2sms.