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Whoopi goldberg dating 2013

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The legal battle ended when Sue accepted Mann’s settlement check of $974.8 million!Since Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, the couple has been working with a private judge.

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Founder of Mc Caw Cellular, Craig Mc Caw, sold his company to AT& T for over $12 billion and was married to his wife Wendy Petrak for 21 years.Jocelyn managed to get $2.5 billion out of her ex-husband Alec Wildenstein, French businessman and billionaire.Known for her plastic surgery, which cost her a total of $2 million, Jocelyn thought changing her look would keep her husband around.In the end, Amy Irving got $100 million for the divorce which might seem like a lot, but it was just a drop in the bucket for Spielberg, who’s worth more than $5 billion.17 years of marriage and having two children couldn’t save this doomed Hollywood couple.The heavily publicized break-up, settled in 1992, allowed Ivana to pocket around $25 million from her ex-husband.

The marriage between the Madonna and Guy Ritchie lasted only seven years.

The News Corporation CEO didn’t waste any time as he married Deng 17 days after his previous divorce was finalized.

In June 2013, Murdoch decided Deng wasn’t doing it for him anymore and divorced her too, settling for $1.8 million.

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone made headlines for all the wrong reasons after having a divorce settlement worth an incredible $1 billion!

Not wasting any time, Slavica turned this money into $1.6 billion from investments.

Since Frank is such a successful entrepreneur, the divorce ended up costing him a substantial $130 million!